Events and Programs

We have lots of fantastic events and programs planned for this year. Take a look at what we have coming up. We would love to see you at our events!

If you would like to get involved in planning events or if one our programs for the next year sounds exciting to you, we would love to have you join our team. Just contact us!


Check back soon to see what’s coming up in 2017!



Gainesville Video Guides

Coming to a new country with a new language and culture can be difficult. We want to make the transition for newcomers to Gainesville easier by providing them with essential information about the basics of life in our beautiful town. To do this, we are creating short videos that explain everyday things such as “How to obtain a car or bicycle”, “How to find accommodation”, “Family-friendly events in Gainesville” and “American laws and customs”. Visit our Vimeo page to watch the first video “How to use the RTS bus system”. Also check out our crowdfunding page to help us produce more and more videos!


English Partner Program

This is a matchmaking program between volunteers who wish to teach English and learners who want to improve their English. It is meant as a conversation program in which English learners are given the opportunity to practice speaking English in an informal environment, and get the chance to meet Americans and learn more about American culture and customs as well. Volunteers do not need to have any teaching experience. Volunteers and learners can meet at times and locations convenient for them.  Learning English is the key to successful integration and especially adult-learners need our support. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please sign up here!

If you are an English learner and are looking to be matched with a volunteer, please sign up here!


Playback Theater

We are partnering with local theater director Ann Kinnebrew to organize playback theater workshops in Gainesville. Playback theater is based on improvisation and deep listening and gives the audience a chance to share their story and have it played back on the spot by trained actors! It’s a powerful tool to build relationships and foster empathy. We hope to put together an ongoing theater troupe that will travel around Gainesville and take this form of theater to different venues and communities. If you would like to join our workshops or are interested in being part of the troupe, contact us!



Alachua County Medical and Social Resources Guide

Welcoming Gainesville is supporting the Rural Women’s Health Project in Gainesville to create a guide of essential social and medical services, as well as immigrant-friendly businesses, of Alachua County in order to better serve our local immigrant community. If you know of any providers of legal services, tax services or health services who would be willing to do pro bono work for refugees, international students, and immigrants, please contact us!

You can find more information about the Rural Women’s Health Project here.


Naturalization Ceremonies

Welcoming Gainesville will attend naturalization ceremonies every month at the courthouse. This is a fantastic opportunity that allows us to connect with New Americans and to introduce them to services and programs they may need in this new stage of their life in the United States of America.