Welcoming Gainesville & Alachua County, Inc., (WG&AC) is a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit dedicated to making Gainesville, Florida, an inclusive community that welcomes immigrants, international students, and refugees and celebrates diversity as a source of strength and innovation. Part of the nationwide Welcoming America network, WG&AC accomplishes this mission by creating and promoting immigrant-friendly policies, communicating welcoming principles and the benefits of inclusion among residents, and organizing programs and events that unite individuals from a variety of backgrounds.


The vision for WG&AC is to establish a city and county in which individual residents, local government, businesses, nonprofits, faith communities, institutions of higher learning, and other organizations work together to create a climate that welcomes immigrants and supports their long-term integration into our community.

This vision is founded in the following principles:

  1. Eliminating prejudice;
  2. Celebrating diversity; and
  3. Assisting newcomers in becoming established in our community


The roots for WG&AC were established in September, 2014, when local residents, faith communities, and advocacy groups established a movement to both embrace and welcome immigrants, refugees, and visitors to the Gainesville, Florida, region. WG&AC was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in December, 2015, and quickly grew to include a variety of programs and activities that promoted inclusivity and understanding among individuals of diverse backgrounds.

Visit the Welcoming America website to learn more about our movement across the country.


Currently, all programs and activities are performed by our Board of Directors on a volunteer basis. We are grateful for their efforts in helping to make Gainesville and Alachua County a welcoming place for all!

Richard MacMaster, President
Sam Trickey, Secretary
Randy Wells, Treasurer
Andy Bachman
Milford Griner
Dan Johnson
David Kaiman
Steve Kalishman
Aqueela Khuddus
Paul Parker
Marihelen Wheeler
Diana Moreno
Liz Getman


Please read our 2016 Annual Report to learn more about our programmatic achievements and financial and operational growth during our first year as a nonprofit organization. We look forward to “making newcomers neighbors” for many more years to come!

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