In March of 2016, the Gainesville City Commission declared Gainesville Florida’s  first “Welcoming City”. In addition, Alachua County was declared an official “Welcoming County” in June of 2016. This means that we are now part of the nationwide Welcoming America network that includes cities, counties and nonprofit organizations who aim to make their communities more welcoming towards newcomers and more inclusive for all.

If you would like to learn more about the Welcoming America movement, visit their website.

Welcoming Gainesville is the nonprofit organization that aims to achieve the ideals of Welcoming America locally by making Gainesville more welcoming towards immigrants, international students and refugees. Our mission is to “Make Newcomers Neighbors” so that we can create our shared vision of a community that celebrates diversity as source of strength and innovation.

Gainesville is a wonderfully diverse, multicultural town. People from all over the world choose to settle in Gainesville because of its outstanding educational institutions, opportunities for entrepreneurship and welcoming residents. Let’s give every newcomer the opportunity to continue their education, find a job or start a business, and prosper within our community!

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